The Design Process

This is a project that I have been working on with Aaron Mihalevich. Aaron enjoys photo manipulation and asked me for some feedback on a concept he had been working on. I thought this one had potential.

This is a concept piece for BootDaddy Moonshine created with the intent to open up creative dialogue and is not intended for re-sale or commercial use.

Here, the idea was to emphasize the clear and pure qualities of the Moonshine by placing it in a shade cooled cascade of brilliant blue water.

Filtering and colors were adjusted to create a sense of nostalgia. Text was kept simple to emphasize the link between the crystal clear waterfall, the bright and clear properties of the Moonshine, and the un-aged corn whiskey.

Content and copy were chosen to add value and create interest, with social media and web designated as the primary delivery platforms.

This design features the use of a derivative image from the artist, Ed Cooley, of

Concept, image manipulation, and design from Aaron Mihalevich of

Creative direction, design, and typography by Rachel Oglesby of

Clicking on this link will allow you to view the varying stages that this project has taken thus far.

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